Decrypting the Web: An A-Z of Web Design Terms

It may feel like you’re starting to learn a foreign language, but we’ve got you covered, here are few web design terms that you may here that will be useful to understand. Content Management System (CMS) A content management system, or CMS, is a system that allows you to add, modify or remove content on […]

Freelance Web Designer at Heart

Same Web Design Services, But Different. Ok, so I guess I’m not ‘actually’ a freelancer anymore. But her at Burns Creative we do work on all the same projects. Before I explain why we’re still as flexible as an agency as I was as a freelance designer let me first introduce myself. I’m Chris Burns, […]

Latest Website Designs from Across Northumberland

Northumberland Website Design As one of the crowning jewels of the North, Northumberland can be quite a magical place. It’s close to our heart’s here too. We’re perfectly poised to offer Northumberland Website Design services as our offices perch right on the border between the historic county and neighbouring Newcastle Upon Tyne. Celebrating local heroes […]

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Choosing a Domain for Your Website Design

Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Website

Why choosing your domain name is so important Your domain name is the first part of your online identity. It’s often the first part of your website seen by a potential visitor, and it can play an important part in driving traffic to your site. It’s a personal decision that can be a challenge when […]

Burns Creative has a Lightning Fast Website Design

Website Speed: Why Your New Website Needs To Be Lightning Fast

Is Speed Important? Quite frankly, YES! If you’re embarking on a new website design project, one of the key considerations you should be making is with regard to how fast your users can access your website.   First Impressions count You know that saying – “You can never get a second chance to make a […]